Digital Marketing Club


What is it?  Digital Marketing Club is an exclusive platform for business owners and marketers. Where you get exclusive Digital Benefits, which nowhere else you could get all at one place.

Why sign up?

Because you wish to get notified first before it happens.

Benefits of Membership?

After Becoming a member of Digital Marketing Club, you should feel like a celebrity. Because from Day 1 you entered the club, our team would help you create a brand.

Rest there are few more direct benefits, just for the members:

  1. Vendors Database: Anything you need under Digital Marketing could be easily done by these vendors. Starting from designs, till promotion, I mean anything. You could directly talk to them and get in touch for any of your future needs. Minimum 1000 most trusted Digital Marketing vendors database.

  2. Help in Campaign Execution / Design / Increasing Knowledgebase. Any Product or design or Campaign help.

  3. You would be first to know any new thing related to Digital Marketing.

  4. Your all existing profiles would be taken care of and everything would start taking structure. Soon you could see your online brand growth.

  5. You would also get an opportunity to mentor sharp brains. (Pass out fresh Grads). Consider them Interns for your own work.

  6. Get Awarded: Not by us, but by leading organization. We would update you whenever it is happening and you can apply. We can’t guarantee Award, but yes you would know all Awards happenings across the globe. And we would help you participate.

  7. Get Exclusive access to Digital Marketing Resources and Knowledgebase.

  8. We would help you with publishing your blogs, content, white papers, journals.

  9. Get due reputation in becoming an Online Brand. We would help you correcting and creating your Online Profiles.

  10. You would always get all possible answers to all of your queries for Digital Marketing.

Remember: Everything is easier when you have a process to follow and an expert to guide you.

This would be an annual subscription-based service. Where the only limited group of people would be allowed to enter. We check the basic digital marketing knowledge of the Person and then allow him to enter.

The subscription would cost 400 USD per Year and would be individually provided for the selected members.

This is an exclusive platform only for people who have certain knowledge or Interest in Digital Marketing and hence to enhance their knowledge.

If You want to become a member, fill the given below form:


I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Club!


Founder – Creative Buffs

Being Awarded Top 100 Digital Marketeer of Globe.