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How can i increase the traffic on my website forum?

1. Search Your Website on Google - Click on it and land to your website. Check if it is Live and Running. (it helps google crawler crawls your website everytime yo check)

2. Open Google Analytics and read following reports:

  • Referring Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Bounce Rate
  • Traffic Data
  • Keywords

3. Check Google Analytics Set Goals.

4. Open Google Webmaster and check following stats:

· Sitemaps

· Crawl Errors

· Site Speed

· HTML Improvements


· Links to Your Site

· Search Analytics

5. Work on Solving Errors of Webmaster Search Console.

6. Check Alexa Rank

7. Submit One Guest Blog, on relevant website with relevant do-follow link.

8. Link / URL / Post Submission : On websites like , reddit , and many more.

9. Website submission on Leading Search directories.

10. Manage Bing Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster tool. (Same like Google Search Console)

11. Check Google Adword tool to see search trend and write blogs, post on such topics.

12. Brand Mentions check: Keep a Google Alert in your Brand name for searches. So you would be alerted whenever your brand name is being mentioned.

13. Code Checks: Check codes and validate it for improving website speed.

14. Content check – Regularly check contents for delicacy, grammar error, more beautification etc.

15. Change and update meta tags according to your most popular Keywords to get maximum traffic.

16. Backlink Analysis – Checking new back links created for website

17. Promote on Social Media: Posting relevant content on All Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google Plus,etc.)

18.Competitor Analysis – Having a check on competitors is the best way to adopt new changes quickly.

19. Read Google Algorithm changes and relevant Technology Blogs to be updated.

20.Playing with SEO tools and having a detailed website Health Check.

21. Advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords. (put very small budget like petty cash, but do advertise to increase your reach).

22. Email Marketing.

I don’t know about other SEO professionals, but we do these things for our in-house websites and client websites. And so far seeing Good Organic growth.

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