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How can i use On Page Optimisation for my blogs

Hello users, can any one help me to apply On Page Optimisation  on my contents and blogs?

Actually i want to apply this on my content.

Hi Sandeep, there are some certain techniques to use on page optimization on any web site like

1. You can use SEO-Friendly URLs.

2. Main keywords must be in your title or main heading.

3. Use the proper headings in the sequences means in the order followed from most to less important e.g. <h1> then <h2> then <h3>...

4. There must be a featured images related and represented by your title and topic. And it should not be copied from anywhere.

5. The most important thing is drop your Keywords and meta tags in your very first paragraph.

6. Use Responsive Design.

7. Make sure that your keywords must be on the right place.

8. Paragraph must be short, avoid the lengthy paragraphs.

9. There must be proper inter-connectivity means used the hyperlinks properly.

10. In meta description, there must be a brief description of your blog/website and there must a title part also.

Hello Sandeep, As we all know on page optimization plays an important role in website ranking. Read some on page seo tips to boost up your knowledge.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO
Do your research. Keyword research is essential for on page optimization.
Utilize keywords throughout your post.
Optimize your images.
Reference others with links.
Give readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog.
Use social media to broaden the reach of your blog posts.

Check your meta tags, H tags, and content to be current and user understandable. Prepare for longer articles and apply jump to links and necessary schema's if possible.

How can i do on-page seo for my travel website


give me some suggestions

You can use every tactic that you apply for your website on-page.

Update the meta tags correctly with keywords will help the blogs rank well.