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Need a list of the latest Android app releases

I am an avid Android fan and I always look out for the latest app launches. However, the year 2019 has just begun so I do not know what apps will be out soon or later in the year. Currently, there are over 2 million apps on the Play Store alone and with the number being so high, I cannot keep an eye on what new apps are launched and which ones have gained popularity. It would be really feasible for me if anyone here provided me with a list of upcoming Android apps 2019 so that I know what apps would be suitable for my use.

Here are the best android apps that are currently available. This is not a diamond-in-the-rough kind of list. You should be relatively familiar with all of these.

1. 1wheather
2. Bouncer
3.Google Drive Suite
4.Google Maps and waze
5. Google assistant/ google feed/ google search
6. Google Play Music
7. lastPast Password Manager
8. Nova Launcher
9. Pocket Cats
10. Pulse SMS Android Messages
11. Express VPN

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