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Perfection in Every Cut, Ingenuity in Every Piece

Malford of London pays homage to the British iconic style and brings you a vast collection of luxury apparel and accessories that encapsulates the glory of British design excellence. The online store is a powerhouse for statement pieces and clothing staples that make your wardrobe luxurious. Each clothing item draws inspiration from the rich British heritage and captures the true essence of British fashion. Malford of London offers exclusive clothing made from the finest fabrics and sewn with expert finesse by proficient hands.

Malford of London uses the finest fabrics like high-quality cotton, wool, cashmere, suede, leather, Savile Row Socks Accessories, etc. to ensure that you always have a comfortable wearing experience. Their unmatched commitment towards high-end fashion is coupled with their undying passion for customer satisfaction.

I’ M Sorry
If It’ S All Too Much, Every Day You’ Re Here, I’ M Healing
And I Was Runnin ' Out Of Luck
I Never Thought I’ D Find This Feeling
'Cause I’ve Been Hearing Symphonies
Before All I Heard Was Silence
A Rhapsody
For You And Me
(A Rhapsody
For You And Me)
And Every Melody Is Timeless. happy wheels run 3