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What is the advantages of digital marketing?

Hey everyone, This is Hamza from UAE and I am working in the academic writing industry there I offer the online academic writing service at the low price. Well, Everything is running perfect and I also get the lots of traffic from the websites but I want to do new something like everybody knows that today the trend of digital marketing and everything is rapidly growing from this markets. I also want to go this side and I want to do digital marketing of my website UAE AssignmentHelp but I do not have any experience about this market and also I do not know work criteria. I just know that it is a good platform for online marketing but I never used at any time. So, , my question is can I go to these markets? and what is the major advantages of digital marketing?? If somebody knows any kind of information so please let me know.

Digital Marketing helps to brand your business and increases sales. I have a UAE essays website and I am doing digital marketing of this website. due to digital marketing (SEO), I am getting sales and my website is on the top of the SERP

We can reach a targeted audience cost-effectively and measurably by Digital Marketing. Increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales are other digital marketing advantages. My Business Plan AE is my company website and I am doing a properly planned and well-targeted digital marketing campaign, it can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.