How To Write Good And SEO Friendly Blog

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Blog writing is different for different platforms. If you are writing blogs to be published in newspaper, or any offline mode you prefer to choose different words. But if it is to be published Online, the words would be different. Here in this Blog we would guide you How To Write Good And SEO Friendly Blog.

Follow the given steps, if you wish to learn How To Write Good And SEO Friendly Blog


It is very essential that you choose an appropriate Title or Topic of your Blog. The Title should clearly say, what is inside your Blog. This helps Google bots to understand your title vs page content relevancy and gives you more ranking. Ideal character length of Blog should be between 55 – 60 words.

If users feel that the relevancy of Title vs. the Page content is good, they would increase their frequency on your website, since a trust factor has been created.


First paragraph of your blog should guide in brief what your blog contains. This is the main content of your blog in terms of SEO. Now whenever we search anything in Search engines. Let’s take example of Google. We get many results. Out of many results, we tends to choose top 10 results.

So, in search result, first is the Title of Result, second is Url and finally the content of blog. That content of Blog plays a vital role. As user reads them and decides whether to click on the search result or to move on.

See the below search result: (for better understanding of what I said earlier).

How To Write Good And SEO Blog

That content is taken from first Paragraph of your Blog. So put in brief, what your blog contains or what your blog is all about. So be very wise in writing you first Paragraph.


Needless to mention that you would write things that your Title and First paragraph says. But choose simple English words. Users loves those blogs which uses simple English. All users are of different kinds and background. To cater masses you need to choose the right language.

No one has much time to try to put things in short and be precise about what you are saying. Everyone knew something, they need quick solution from your blog.

Try to use following things in your content part:

  • Always use Short sentences.
  • Use bullet pointers more.
  • Try to explain in steps.
  • Use H2 (Header 2 Tag) once in your content.
  • Use H3 (Header 3 Tag) for important highlights of your blog.
  • Use Simple Font and give good spacing.
  • Take care of alignment of the content.
  • Use Pictures in Content. (DO NOT JUST COPY PASTE FROM GOOGLE, but if you DO, give due credits to website, from where you have copied it).
  • Do not write lengthy paragraph.
  • Write your Title 3 times (maximum) within the content part. (put it wisely so that it would make sense, do not just copy paste the title randomly here and there).

No one likes boring stories, user have search for something on Search Engines and they are looking for a solution. If your blog gives them solution, they would increase their visit to your website.


Now once you are ending the blog, always provoke the user to do something for your website.

For example:

You can subscribe us, Follow us, Like us on our Facebook Page. Shop on our page, etc.

I mean it could be anything, where you are communicating to the users that we hope you get what you were searching for. Now kindly share this great piece on content to your circle so that more people could be motivated.


Gone were the days, when short keywords or Tags were being used by search engines. Now long keywords and long tags are being used.

How to use it for your blog:

  • Your blog has a title.
  • Now think on how many ways and type, a user could search for that topic.
  • All permutations and combinations are your actual Tags and Keywords.
  • Use a maximum of 5 – 10 keywords or Tags. Or else search engines could consider your website as SPAM website.

That’s it, this is currently the best way to Write a Good And SEO Friendly Blog. This way you can write a Blog that come on Page one in Rank.

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