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The Crazy Alarm

The Crazy Alarm is a FREE mobile Alarm App available only for Android phones..The Crazy Alarm does not need any permission of your phone and is very easy to use. Yet it is a powerful utility App.

WHY USE The Crazy Alarm:

NO FEES: It is FREE and would always be. There are no subscription fees to use The Crazy Alarm.

EASY TO SET UP: Even a small kid could set the Alarm very easily and effectively. No technical skills required.

TAKE VERY LESS SPACE: It is just 2.1 MB (size) App. Would not take any large space on your phone.

FAST INSTALL: This App takes only 15 seconds to install. And it’s ready to use. And if you don’t like it it takes another 5 seconds to completely un-install it.

LEVELS FOR ALARM: Based on your urgency / requirement to wake up. Set this alarm to Normal, Intermediate and High.

MAKE SURE YOU WAKE UP: It won’t close, until you answer the question or simply shutdown the phone. For doing both the things you need to wake up.

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:
Can't wake up? World's best mobile alarm clock. makes sure you wake up.

Before setting the Alarm, it would ask you about the priority of the Alarm. Is it Low, Intermediate or High. Based upon priority simple Maths (plus, minus, divide and multiply) questions would be asked, randomly. You just need to answer those questions. If your answer is wrong, the alarm wont stop.

The only option to close Alarm or to snooze it is to type right answer, then only you would be able to close or Snooze it. Now whatever happens, you can be assured that this little crazy alarm would make you wake.

You must install this mobile application, because of following reasons:

• If you are habitual to snooze the alarm
• If you are lazy to wake up
• If waking early at right time is your need
• You are bored on typical phone Alarm
• If you sure shot want to wake up

This is still under Beta version, as we are working on UI/UX and more features. Please write to us, for any feedback, query or problem you have faced, any bug etc.
We promise to reply back within next 24 working hours.

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